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What is a thought recipe?  An idea of how to get something done.

This page is for anyone who is interested and interesting to sound off on a certain issue.  There are no rules.  Except:

  • The recipe cannot exceed 500 characters
  • The recipe cannot be dependent on any sort of international aid.  Let’s talk about how we can do for ourselves, or for each other – without waiting for the international knights in shining armor.

Ok, so there are rules after all.  But those are the only ones, honest.
You don’t have to be Zimbabwean.  You don’t have to be living in Zimbabwe right now. This page is simply for crowdsourcing ideas. We don’t pretend we know how to change the world or fix what is broken at home. We are a blog, after all. But because we are great believers in the power of conversation, we hope that, wherever you are from, and whatever you do, if you have an idea about how to tackle the issue below, you will share it here.

According to a report by the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the reported migrant remittances to sub-Saharan Africa were about USD 7.7 billion in 2004. Paul Collier, in his book The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can be Done About It, says that as soon as someone (from a developing country) is trained to an international standard, they use those credentials to emigrate abroad. Together these two things suggest that perhaps instead of money, more technical / educational assistance is needed. So, how can Zimbabweans in the Diaspora be encouraged to lend their skills to the benefit of Zimbabwe?

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  1. Judi K says:

    It’s important for leaders to suggest common goals for the public to work towards. They don’t necessarily need to be large public events such as the World Cup, but they do need to be long term, something to look forward to, well-organized and well-publicized.

    Psychological studies suggest people in different teams are highly competative, yet given a common goal, differences are laid aside and people cooperate. What suggestions do you have on common goals?

    As for Diasporians being given incentives to return, the longing for home is already within, its a matter of tapping into the nostalgia as well as providing practical opportunities for employment and independent accomodation, perhaps with added value for international work experience. Home is best, but we need to provide the same high speed internet, upwardly mobile promotions, moderate local consumerism, weekend entertainment and recognition for individual efforts as are found abroad.

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